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Geospatial Measurement Solutions, LLC:  Custom software development; database maintenance and development; remote sensing analysis, data collection, mobile technology implementation, and scientific analysis and documentation.

About Us

GMS is a family-owned and operated company with extensive experience in software engineering, IT Consulting, database design and development, spatial analysis, mobile technology and image processing for the Environmental, Utilities and Telecommunications industries.  GMS offers services in applying GIS (mobile and desktop), software and database solutions to meet the business needs of our clients.

As a leading provider of geospatial technology services and custom software development, we take pride in offering the best services. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

GMS Company Staff

  • GMS staff have been working together for over 20 years in various entrepreneurial endeavors.  Over the last ten years GMS staff have focused on integrating their talents to solve complex geospatial, computer science and environmental problems in the Environmental, Energy, Telecommunications and Oil and Gas industries.  We have the combined abilities to handle tasks large and small in a variety of disciplines.  Our experience has shown us how to provide superior deliverables and high-quality service to our clients while remaining within budget.  GMS staff are committed to being leaders in the geospatial technology field and designing, developing and implementing solutions that meet the end needs of our clients.

Derek McNamara, Principal, GISP, B.S. Derek is the Principal, Owner and GIS Analyst for GMS.  Derek has over 15 years utilizing, implementing and developing custom geospatial solutions in the Environmental, Utility and Oil and Gas Industries.  Derek knows how to go into the project and quickly size up the needs and requirements quickly delineating tasks among team members for optimized performance.  Derek has expertise in a variety of disciplines including programming, relational database design and management, mobile technology implementation, remote sensing analysis and algorithm development; geospatial analysis and documentation, scientific analysis and writing.

Douglas McNamara, Programmer/GIS Technician, A.S.: Douglas is the Programmer/GIS Technician for GMS.  Douglas has unsurpassed programming expertise in almost every modern computer language.  His understanding of computational geometry, computer graphics and 3D animation coupled with his expert programming skills allow for development of complex, elegant and efficient software.  Where others have failed Douglas is often capable of succeeding.   The unique ability of other GMS staff to communicate with Douglas about industry specific needs and problems allows Douglas to hit the ground running and solve complex problems and implement ideal solutions.

Gale McNamara, Systems Engineer, M.S.: Gale is the Systems Engineer for GMS.  Gale has extensive experience utilizing his background in math and engineering to solve complex software engineering problems.  Gale has worked on a number of geospatial technologies products including the development of lidar feature extraction algorithms and development of GIS Dissolve algorithms.

Kevin McNamara, Senior Software Engineer, M.A.: Kevin is the Senior Software Engineer for GMS.  Kevin handles all source code management for projects with over 15 years of experience in the design, implementation, and support of large-scale information systems for the electric, gas and telecommunications corporations.  Kevin has extensive skills related to the complete software life cycle with skills in many programming languages, development environments and GIS platforms.


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